Youth Ministry

The Anointed Youth Army (A.Y.A.) offers Christian Education and Performing Arts for youth ages six months to seventeen years old. The Youth Ministry offers specialized teachings relevant to the age groups of our ministry.

Our mission and vision are centered on our accountability to Relevant Empowerment Church which is devoted to “taking the Real Gospel to ALL people and making Disciples out of them ALL.”  With the mission in mind, it is our aim to impart knowledge and understanding into the minds of every child so that our youth will have the experiences and education needed to disciple other youth and young adults.

Every third Sunday of the month, our youth take on the responsibility of serving for church worship services by ushering, speaking, praise and worship, and facilitating the flow of service.  The Anointed Youth Army is proud to be the youth ministry for Relevant Empowerment Church and looks forward to serving you and your children with a spirit of excellence and sincerity.